DAX Radar
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Base Velocity

Base velocity and Base reflectivity
Base velocity, like Base reflectivity, provides a picture of the basic wind field from the lowest (½°) elevation scan. But to see the wind there needs to be radar “returns” before the radar can determine the velocity. With precipitation, Base velocity is useful for determining areas of strong wind from downbursts or detecting the speed of cold fronts. Remember, the radar beam elevation increases with increasing distance from the radar. Therefore, the reported value will be for increasing heights above the earth’s surface. Also, know WHERE the radar is located in the image. The radial velocity colors only has the proper meaning if you know how it is blowing relative to the location of the radar. Outbound winds (red colors) on one radar might be inbound winds (green colors) at an adjacent radar. If the radar cannot determine (called range folding) inbound or outbound then it paints the wind in purple.