About the Weather Data

Station data is processed and values calculated for barometric pressure, dew point, heat index, wind chill and numerous other parameters with Weather Display software, which then uploads the data via a dedicated FTP connection to this website. This website is updated approximately every 5 seconds by Weather Display. Also a WordPress plugin Weather Station is installed and is used for data generated by the Weather Display software.

Weather Display is also used to upload data from this station to the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) and Weather Underground. The data upload frequency to these sites is about every 5 seconds.

CWOP in particular is instrumental in sharing PWS data with the rest of the world. CWOP servers continuously transmit PWS data to FINDU, a database for archiving weather, geographic location, telemetry, and message data. At 15-minute intervals, NOAA automatically fetches the latest PWS data from FINDU and ingests it into the MADIS database where all data are quality controlled for accuracy and spatial consistency, and then merged with data from over 25,000 Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) locations.

MADIS data are disseminated to other NOAA agencies, including National Weather Service offices throughout the United States, which use the data for weather forecasting. Many academic, science, and government organizations around the world use MADIS data for education and research purposes.

Lebanon MO Station

Location: South Washington Ave near Route 66 (Elm) in Lebanon, Missouri 65536

Latitude:  37.6789026 Longitude: -92.6570491

Elevation above sea level: 1287 feet – Station elevation above ground: 15 feet

Weather Station: Ambient WS-2902C Osprey WIFI

Computer Hardware: Dell PowerEdge R510 running Weather Display Software

Weather Underground Weather Station ID KMOLEBAN11

 CWOP Station ID F2552

MesonetMidwestern Weather Network